Experience The Upper Colorado

Your personable guide will be there to entertain and inform you while guiding your raft downriver, through beautiful canyons, experiencing the thrills of class II and III rapids, such as Eye of the Needle, Yarmony (Hoyt), and Graveyard rapids. Whether you are wielding a paddle or just “going with the flow,” a fun and enjoyable ride is had by all.

Enjoy a Fun and
Breathtaking River Adventure

“You cannot step into the same river twice” The River Experience

The Paddle Colorado journey takes place on the beautiful and historic Upper Colorado River. This is the first commercially rafted section along the Mighty Colorado’s epic trip, from the high country of the Rockies, on through the southwestern United States. Although this particular stretch of river is very popular and is revered among visitors to Colorado and private boaters alike, it is a broad and remote enough stretch that one gets the feeling of truly being out in the wilderness, away from it all. Along the way, there are plenty of wide open spaces, where time seems to stand still. Family members reconnect, strangers become friends, and the bustle of our fast-paced world is set aside for a very valuable moment. It is in these moments that we realize why it is that we desire to “get away,” why it is that we need vacations.

Safety Comes First and the Fun Follows...Always

At Paddle Colorado, our highly trained river guides focus on safety and ensure that your trip is filled will fun for everyone.

Free Photos of Your Adventure

No need to risk your smartphone. Our guides will take pictures for you and they will be promptly uploaded to Flickr so you can show off your river skills to friends back home.

Located in Summit County

Our office is located on Main Street in Frisco, CO. We pick you up in Frisco and deliver you to the entry point of the mighty Upper Colorado River.

“It’s never too late in life to have a genuine adventure” Start with our Rafting Trips

We offer full- and half-day adventures.

Full Day

Want a story that you’ll be telling all your friends and family for years to come?  Then join the Paddle Colorado team on our full day rafting adventure!

Half Day

We know that Colorado offers countless activities and there are quite literally millions of things to do and see in our beautiful state. So if time is a concern, we offer half-day trips.

Thank you for the compliments

For our fourth year in a row, we have been awarded a “Certificate of Excellence.“ Our family and staff would like to thank all of our wonderful customers and friends. We look forward to seeing you on the river.


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